Bespoke Wedding with Lovely Personal Details!


Feast your eyes on this amazing wedding set in the great state of Texas!  It is featured on the mother of all bridal sites, “Style Me Pretty,” and  I had the pleasure of working with the lovely (and stunning) bride, Nicole, to create a brooch bridal bouquet and matching maid bouquets.  It is clear that Nicole has a fantastic eye for detail and that she made her wedding choices guided by a strong vision.  The result is a wedding that is absolutely swoon-worthy and blooming with personal and unique touches.  The killer wedding dress is by KT Jean and the bridesmaid dresses are by the wildly talented Amour sans Anguish.


And don’t you think that Nicole found a fantastic photographer?!  Jamie Harper Photography is responsible for the sublime eye candy, and this gallery is a wonderful example of how choosing the right photographer can really capture your vision.  These photos are soft and romantic and invite the viewer right into the party!


And I love how Nicole describes the meaning behind her bouquets:

 “Next came the brooch shower for my vintage brooch bouquet. I knew I wanted a brooch bouquet, but I didn’t want the same thing that everyone else had. I wanted mine to be different and I found just what I was looking for on Autumn & Grace Bridal’s Etsy shop. Beautiful fabric & lace rosettes with many of the gorgeous brooches given to me. It was simple, gorgeous, and the best part was that I would get to have a piece of my friends and family with me as I walked down the aisle. When I opened that package and saw it, I cried. It was gorgeous and the first brooch I saw was my grandmother’s. It meant the world to me to have it displayed so beautifully.”


Here’s a bit more from Nicole:

The best thing about a group effort DIY wedding, is that you can look at each little piece of decoration and remember who made it & the story behind it. All those handmade mason jars and picture frames now decorate our home. My brooch bouquet will be on display forever and will never wilt, just like our love.”

I highly recommend checking out the full article here on Style Me Pretty.  And be sure to stop by the gallery to see more of Nicole’s stand-out nuptials!  And if an image here strikes your fancy, I would love for you to spread the word and pin it!


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